The government-backed Cyber Essentials certification scheme is based around five key technical controls that organisations should aspire to.

Gary Moffatt, director at Chubb Fire & Security explores the benefits of and best practices for security cameras in a changing world, on behalf of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

Michael Kolatchev, principal consultant/Rossnova Solutions (Belgium) and Lina Kolesnikova, consultant/Rossnova Solutions (Belgium) discuss the security threats facing the growing number of “smart cities”

A best practice report by Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) specialist Christian Schneider

By Tom Kidwell, Co-Founder, Ecliptic Dynamics and former British Army and UK Government intelligence specialist and internet infrastructure security professional for the public sector

Christian Schneider, hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) advisor, explains how HVM can be integrated into towns and cities and address other problems besides security

Chris Dimitriadis, chief global strategy officer at ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) on how public sector organisations can protect themselves from cyber threats

By Ian McCormack, NCSC Deputy Director for Government Resilience, and Emily Mayhew, DLUHC Cyber Policy Lead

All public sector organisations are cyber attack targets, but none have to be victims, writes Jonathan Lee, director of Public Sector, Sophos

It is more important than ever before that the public sector harnesses the power of new technologies and reliable security frameworks, writes Ben Johnson

Many of the most significant cyber security challenges are surmountable with a layered security strategy, writes Mark Scott

Paul Cahill outlines his best-practice tips for how to minimise the business and reputational fallout of a cyber breach

Is a total moratorium on CCTV facial recognition a necessary measure? When used responsibly and properly, perhaps not says the BSIA

Iain Moran discuss how physical security solutions can protect non-violent protestors without unduly draining public resources

Using surveillance technology, how do you make the move from safe city to smart city in these cash-strapped times?


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