Derby City Council Invests in AI to Enhance Public Services

ICS.AI, a leader in UK public sector AI transformation, announces expanded partnership with Derby City Council in an innovative £7million AI project. This 4-year initiative, launching in 2024, is a pivotal advancement in the Council's strategy, deploying the power of AI to transform operations.

In 2023, Derby City Council led the way as the UK’s first Council to adopt phone-based AI with digital assistants, Darcie and Ali, efficiently managing over 500,000 telephone and web queries, resolving 43% without input from staff, freeing up their time to focus on more complex queries.

The project’s next phase aims to broaden AI application across more service areas, including Adult Social Care, Customer Services, and Debt Recovery, before then widening the adoption of AI technology further across the Council - aiming to significantly boost operational efficiency and financial savings, estimated at £12.25 million annually.

ICS.AI’s SMART platform plays a crucial role in this transformation. Its advanced generative AI capabilities enable the handling of more complex resident queries, improve operational workflows, and offer more personalised services.

The collaboration underscores a shared commitment to enhancing service delivery while ensuring equitable access and ethical use of AI technology.

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