Cardiff Council is leading the way in improving air quality across the capital. What can we learn?

Professor Harith Alani, director of the Knowledge Management Institute at the Open University explains how AI can be used for good and bad.

Why digital ethics must be central to smart cities

Emilie Sundorph, Programme Manager for Digital Ethics and Artificial Intelligence at techUK, explains why maintaining smart cities is linked to digital ethics

Supporting innovation across the public sector

The Centre for Digital Built Britain outline the work of the Construction Innovation Hub and how it works to drive innovation

Using tech and data for the benefit of those in the capital

Eddie Copeland explains how London boroughs have used data to respond to the pandemic and how smart city technologies are creating new opportunities to tackle age-old problems

A smart city with a reputation for investment success

The NewcastleGateshead Initiative detail Newcastle’s development as a smart city, following the city’s success in the recent global Smart City Index

Taking a resilient approach to smart cities

Building in protection from online attacks becomes vital as technology designed to create resilient and sustainable smart cities could create a playground for digital criminals

State of Play: Smart cities in 2018 and 2022

In this article, Joe Fyans looks at the change in the state of play of smart cities in the last few years, looking towards what could be a pivotal year for the agenda

How smart cities can support climate action

Businesses are now digitising fast and investing in low carbon infrastructure. Local authorities have a big role to play in this transition, writes Teodora Kaneva

Why safety and security must lead the Smart City conversation

Iain Moran, director at ATG Access, discusses the myriad ways in which smart city solutions can improve the security of our towns and cities

Smart cities and local gov: what next after the pandemic?

Melissa Thorne and Kat McManus explain how smart cities can help make cities more sustainable and responsive to the needs of local residents

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