Council seeks views as part of Oxford2050 consultation

Oxford City Council is asking residents and businesses for their views on issues such as the built environment, homes and climate change as part of the Oxford2050 consultation.

The consultation has been launched to discover what residents and businesses in Oxford think their city should look like in 2050.

With extremely limited space to build new homes, businesses and shops within the city’s boundaries, Oxford has recently become the least affordable place to live in the UK. By 2050, Oxford’s population is expected to have reached about 190,000 people.

With technology and the landscape expected to have transformed by then, residents are being asked for their views on several aspects of life in the city, ranging from transport and housing, to the economy and culture.

Bob Price, Leader of Oxford City Council, said: “A decent home is a basic human right. By 2050 Oxford should aim to provide homes to rent or buy at prices that genuinely meet the needs of our citizens at every income level. The city’s older housing stock will need to be retro-fitted to use less energy and to retain heat; and there will need to be a larger stock of homes that are available at social rents levels.

“As there will be more elderly people in the city, we should be aiming to bring all new homes up to a lifetime standard and have good support for conversions and adaptations so that older residents are enable to stay in their own homes for as long as they wish. New housing developments and all the older parts of the city will have well designed green spaces and play areas nearby retaining the blend of built and natural space which is such an important feature of the city. I hope that we can ensure that homes built outside the city boundary for people working in Oxford are well connected to the city through accessible public transport and cycle routes.”

To take part in the consultation, residents and businesses in Oxford can visit:

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