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Government announces new measures to support home-based businesses

The government has announced new measures to give budding entrepreneurs “greater freedom” to start and grow a business from home.

Government pledges £24 billion investment for UK roads

The Government has pledged £24 billion to add 900 extra lane miles of road capacity to England's highway network by 2021.

Banks to be forced to increase competition in SME lending

New legislation will force banks to refer customers to new wave of challenger banks and alternative lenders

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PCMG is the leading provider of Energy Cost Recovery services to public sector organisations. We can help you to meet your savings targets, or generate revenue to re-invest into energy efficiency initiatives.

A new approach to corporate reporting

A new group has been set up to pioneer Integrated Reporting across different
types of public sector organisations to help demonstrate its application and
share experience. CIPFA’s technical manager John Maddocks reports

Ground water flooding

Previously overlooked by the media in favour of more dramatic cases of flooding, groundwater flooding causes two to four times the damage to buildings and more economic harm. Expert hydrogeologist Mark Fermor examines how a new national groundwater flood risk map is helping local authorities to determine and mitigate the risks

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Navigating the Roadblocks on the Way to Cloud-based Managed Services – How the Public Sector Can Plot the Route Forward

So much has been written about public sector cloud strategies that it is often forgotten that the cloud is not a panacea for the sector’s problems. It is ultimately just a way of purchasing a service rather than a strategy.

LazyLawn licensee grows £1 million turnover in five years

A LazyLawn licensee has become the artificial grass specialist’s biggest success story by topping the £1 million turnover mark and increasing his sales by 92% in just five years.

Skill Shortages Be Damned – How the Public Sector Can Find the Right People at the Right Price

45% of people who work in the public sector do not believe the UK has the skills required to deliver public services effectively

Reducing deadly air pollution: can your organisation save costs and breathe easy?

Should the love affair with diesel vehicles end? Organisations providing employees with cars for work face this serious question amid growing public health concerns about poor air quality and likely radical policy changes to meet EU emissions targets. Coupled with rising diesel fuel and operating costs, many have realised that they can ditch diesels for cleaner, more efficient petrol hybrid alternatives.

BEcause Brand Experience – The Power of Face to Face Marketing

Marketing in the public sector is often challenging.  For some bodies, the challenge could be in the messages that need to be communicated, which might be highly personal or particularly sensitive.  In other situations, it might be the audience that’s hard to reach – the kind of people who don’t read or watch mainstream media, or who are from niche non-English speaking communities.


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Astute Lighting

Save up to 80% on your energy bill

Integral LED

Integral LED is a UK based supplier of innovative LED technology products and is part of a group that has been distributing and manufacturing technology products since 1989.

Waldmann Lighting

Waldmann Lighting is a manufacturer of indirect/direct total lighting solutions for the office that provide significant energy savings, flexibility of use and improve the lit environment. Luminaires are available with LED's for high pe [ ... ]


Triflex is the leading European specialist manufacturer of cold liquid applied waterproofing, surfacing, protection, and marking systems designed to protect and repair the built environment.

Downlights Direct

Low energy lighting significantly helps to reduce the energy consumption of a room or building. Lighting accounts for around 39% of the overall energy used in an office building. 

1st Stop Recruitment

1st Stop Recruitment, founded by Lesley Whiting in 2002, has 27 years experience in the industry.

Power Efficient Systems Ltd

Save up to 20% & Protect with the EnergyAce System

Kee Safety Ltd

Kee Safety is committed to ensuring that people are separated from hazards in the areas of Fall Prevention, Roof Edge Protection, Guardrail Systems and Safe Access Solutions.