Generation Green think tank present carbon reduction plan

22 UK schoolchildren have presented their six point plan for a greener Britain to Cabinet ministers and MPs in Westminster.

The children are part of the Generation Green think tank, which aims to help teachers, pupils aged seven to 14 and their local communities reduce their carbon footprint and become more energy efficient through green education resources and incentives.

Over a third of UK schools are already benefiting from the programme.

The children set out their plan at meetings with Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and with other leading MPs.

They are calling for all UK schools to set clear goals to cut their carbon and to be able to see how much energy they are using, so they can work with their teachers to find ways to cut down and green issues to become a part of every lesson on the school timetable and for teachers to be given more training and support to help them do this.

Also, all schools to be given Government funding for green energy, stopping manufacturers from making electrical items with standby buttons, Government to make it easier for people to recycle by putting more recycling bins in public places and Government to make it easier for local businesses to recycle their waste.

The Generation Green think tank was selected following a nationwide search in response to a survey which showed 74 per cent of UK children think adults are not doing enough to protect the environment, 26 per cent feel frustrated that their green concerns fall on deaf ears and 49 per cent believe they can make a difference to the cause.

Greg Barker MP, Shadow Climate Change minister said: "I am really impressed by the Generation Green Think Tank’s grasp of the importance of climate change and I am inspired by their enthusiasm for action."

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