Temporary flood barriers in north east

The Environment Agency has developed deployment plans for temporary barriers in two new communities in the north east.

The Environment Agency has been working with partners at Gateshead Council and Northumberland County Council to develop flood barrier deployment plans for Dunston and North Blyth.

The two communities have been identified as locations where temporary barriers could reduce the risk of flooding to properties when high tides are expected.

In Dunston, the barriers will be used along Railway Street between Team Street and Staithes Road. At North Blyth, the barriers will be used along the bottom of Worsdell Street, Dale Street and Gray Street.

The barriers have previously been successful at both Newcastle Quayside and elsewhere in Blyth during January’s tidal surge.

They are a series of one-metre high, lightweight metal barriers which are clipped together and then covered in tarpaulin, before being weighed down by metal chains and sandbags.

The Environment Agency is inviting local residents from Dunston and North Blyth to attend community drop-in events to find out more about how the temporary barriers will be used.

David Clark, from the Environment Agency’s Flood and Coastal Risk Management team in the north east, said: “We know the devastating impact flooding has on homes and businesses and are continually looking for ways to protect our communities.

“We’ve already used the temporary barriers in real-time during this year’s tidal surge and we are well practised at their deployment to help reduce the impact of the flood.

“We’ve been working hard to develop deployment plans for new locations which will benefit from a temporary barrier deployment and I’d encourage residents at both Dunston and North Blyth to come along and find out more about how it will work in their community.

“While we can never completely eliminate the risk of flooding these temporary barriers are another weapon in our armoury.”

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