Aberdeen City Council to spend £1.3m on park refurbishment

A total of £1.3million is to be spent refurbishing play parks across Aberdeen in 2017/18 after the money was agreed by the City Council’s communities, housing and infrastructure committee.

The programme includes existing £450,000 capital funding and additional £826,000 revenue funding.

The refurbishments are part of a rolling programme which has taken place over several years and also includes an annual play equipment audit.

According to a statement from the authority, the committee also agreed to the appointment of additional fixed term staff, paid for through the additional revenue funding, to assist permanent staff in the delivery of the programme.

The report said the refurbishment of the playparks were taken forward on a priority basis and will involve community consultation on the final design of each of the larger play areas.

Some of the key action points in the policy are to monitor the city’s network of fixed play equipment sites to ensure that they are safe, well-lit and maintained to a high standard, provide play opportunities within the city that are high quality challenging and safe, and promote the importance of play within the lives of Aberdeen’s children so that they are active and healthy.

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