Two-year Parliament to deliver Brexit

Parliament will sit for two years instead of the usual one to give MPs enough time to fully consider the laws required to make Britain ready for Brexit.

By doubling the length of the session the government is providing the space for MPs and peers to scrutinise and debate the government’s approach to both Brexit and its domestic agenda without interruption.

The government is expected to confirm the legislation required to deliver Brexit, including new laws on immigration, as set out in the government’s white paper on Brexit earlier this year, by the end of June.

Andrea Leadsom , the new leader of the House of Commons, said: “The UK will spend the next two years preparing for our departure from the European Union in a way that best places us to realise the opportunities ahead and build a fairer society. This will require substantial amounts of legislation, beginning with the Great Repeal Bill.

“We will build the broadest possible consensus for our Brexit plans and that means giving Parliament the maximum amount of time to scrutinise these bills by holding a two-year session of Parliament. It will mean we can work together to deliver a successful Brexit deal and a strong social legislative programme that delivers justice and opportunity to everyone.”

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