Liverpool council defends litter firm slammed for preying on public

Liverpool Council has defended its new litter partner firm Kingdom, after an undercover Panorama investigation found litter officers were ‘lying in wait’ to hand out fines to unsuspecting residents on the city’s streets.

According to reports in the Liverpool Echo, the authority’s new litter squad has received a number of complaints since it hit the streets in March - including accusations of officers hiding and ‘stalking their prey’ ready to hand out fines.

However, Steve Munby, councillor for Liverpool City Council, has said he has no problems with the techniques being used: “Some of the things they have been criticised for are things I want them to be doing.

“I think I would bin them off if they weren’t lying in wait to catch people dropping litter - they have to do some level of surveillance.”

“Giving out Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) is their job and I have no problem with them being given incentives to stop people committing environmental crimes.”

Mundy added: “There is a massive litter problem in this city and we are doing something about it.”

A spokesman for Kingdom said: “Kingdom staff undertake a comprehensive training program, are paid at least the living wage and can be paid an additional competency allowance which is not solely linked to FPN numbers.

“In addition, our service operates under some of the tightest legal guidelines which set the FPN level and affords anybody the right to appeal to the council or/and challenge with the courts if they choose. Kingdom takes all complaints seriously and welcomes all feedback as it strives to help Keep Britain Tidy.”

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