Your idea, one platform, any cloud

Enonic is a software company that develops the open-source web application platform and content management system Enonic XP.

The company is based in London, and aims to deliver fast development of digital experiences in any cloud—from simple websites to progressive web apps and headless services—for clients in both private and public sector.
A startup with experience

Enonic combines 18 years of experience with a startup atmosphere, thus ensuring the continuous innovation of its products and services while at the same time maintaining stability and predictability.
What in the beginning was “just” a regular CMS has now evolved into a platform where developers can speedily build any digital service needed—all in an open-source environment.
Powerful, futurebound tech

As a web application platform, Enonic XP allows you to build APIs and applications using a highly scalable solution. As a web content management system, Enonic XP enables you to create engaging content and experiences for your readers. As a headless CMS, Enonic XP makes it a breeze to deliver content to any device or client with a modern API.

And if that was not enough, Enonic XP also provides the tools for building progressive web apps, or PWAs, which will be the next-generation customer facing apps.

Open-source means safe and free

Organisations in the public sector are often in the need of complex digital solutions. Enonic XP is geared towards this end, and will make your next digital project both future-proof and user-friendly.
But don’t take our word for it. Enonic XP is open-source and available through e.g. Google Cloud, and your developers can therefore start testing and building solutions right now—free of charge.
We know the public sector

Enonic’s customers in the United Kingdom include the national charities Scope and Charities Aid Foundation, and in Norway the national postal service, two of the largest insurance companies, the national lottery, the Labour and Welfare Administration, Statistics of Norway, and all the top football clubs in the national football league for men.

You bring the idea, Enonic provides the platform. And as you can run your offerings in any cloud—only the sky is the limit. Let Enonic XP take you there.

BTW! We are on the GOV.UK Digital Marketplace and the G-Cloud framework.

Linkedin: @enonic
Twitter: @EnonicHQ

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