Reallocated HS2 funds to improve local transport

£4.7 billion of reallocated HS2 funding has been invested into the North and Midlands through the Local Transport Fund in an attempt to improve local connections, the Department for Transport has announced today (26 Feb).  

The government said it will target smaller cities, towns and rural areas.

The funding aims to reduce congestion, introduce better public transport, and upgrade local bus and train stations.

This investment - announced as part of Network North - will deliver long-term funding across the North and Midlands over seven years.

The Local Transport Fund will be made available from 2025 to give local authorities enough time to develop their funding plans.

Prime minister Rishi Sunak said the funding is part of a plan to "level up our country with greater transport links that people need and deliver the right long term change for a brighter future."

He added the Local Transport Fund will "deliver a new era of transport connectivity."

The government said the investment will give local authorities the ability to increase the number of EV charge points, refurbish bus and rail stations, improve streets to make them more accessible, and expand mass transit systems.

The Department for Transport said they will publish advice for local councils and transport authorities to help them develop plans to improve local transport infrastructure in their areas.


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