Eight West Midlands-based local authorities have joined together to manage a local recycling plant, improving recycling and bringing down costs.

Fly tipping, the illegal dumping of waste, can present serious environmental, health, and aesthetic challenges for local authorities and communities. Government Business takes a look at strategies local authorities can implement to prevent fly tipping.

Storage solutions are a critical aspect of waste management and are integral to collection, sorting, recycling and disposal.

Lee Marshall, policy and external affairs director at CIWM, explains some of the recent waste management headlines and what effect changes will have.

Scott Butler, executive director, Material Focus talks about the Electrical Recycling Fund and how it can make recycling easier.

Daniel Coulon, director of the National Association of Wheeled Bin washers explains whose responsibility bin cleaning is and what we can all do to keep them clean.

When it comes to waste management, many local authorities are looking for cleaner and more efficient ways to collect waste. Efficiency covers many aspects, including fuel consumption and emissions as well as how many bins can be emptied on one route. When it comes to fuel and emissions efficiency many local authorities have now made the switch to electric vehicles (EVs)

Old electronics present a huge problem to those in charge of managing waste. It is important that this waste is disposed of effectively and as sustainably as possible. However this can only be done if those disposing of the waste are willing and able to do so

Greater Manchester has improved its recycling rates to over 50 per cent by making improvements at household waste recycling centres

What is zero waste to landfill and how can it be achieved?

Bin collection is, by nature, quite a dirty task. However, councils around the country have been working on making collections cleaner by using electric vehicles

All local authorities are struggling with rising costs at the moment and savings need to be found. On top of this, many people still do not recycle as much as they could. With recent bad weather also affecting bin collections, is there a way to make bin collections more efficient?

Dyl Kurpil, managing director, District Enforcement explains how the latest technology provides both a proven deterrent to fly-tipping and improved evidence to ensure offenders are identified and fined

We need to think seriously about how we 'build back better' in a way that tackles a potentially more catastrophic global crisis - climate change

Iain Gulland explains why we need to celebrate and support our binmen and binwomen in their vital role as resource managers on the frontline


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