Next-level EV charging: Plug-N-Go

With the encroaching 2050 Net Zero target set out by the UK Government, there is now a concerted effort by all industries and commercial spaces to meet these targets. This has been further supported by the amended 2035 UK ban on the sale of all new petrol and diesel-powered cars and vans.

With increasing consumer demand and a wider choice of electric vehicles (EV) on offer, the number of EV vehicles is increasing rapidly as a result. According to leading eMobility Service Provider: Zapmap there were over one million fully electric cars and 655,000 plug-in hybrids on UK roads at the end of April this year. 

Plug-N-Go provides market-leading electric vehicle charging infrastructure and operation to support the drive towards transport electrification across the UK, Channel Islands and Gibraltar. 

The company was the brainchild of co-founders Keith Hounsell and Tim Revell. Keith (CEO) has worked in the onshore wind energy sector, providing smaller wind turbines to farms and small holdings and with the expansion in the EV market, Keith diversified into the sector with financial expert and co-founder Tim. 

Plug-N-Go provide turnkey funded solutions for businesses who are looking at installing or increasing EV charging points in car parks, on a risk and cost-free basis and takes care of the following:

  • Site design and transition plans.
  • Concession agreements.
  • Infrastructure installation. 
  • Operation of charge points.
  • Proactive maintenance plans.
  • Revenue share schemes.
  • Control & monitor charge point use.
  • 24/7/365 dedicated EV call centre. 
  • Promotes charge point availability.
  • Manages customer reports and site upgrades.

With continuing rural disparity in EV charging, it was hoped that the much-delayed Hinkley Point C would quadruple nuclear power output and generate approximately 7% of the UK’s total energy consumption. EDF has now stated the first reactor will not be operational until 2029, which has thrown a huge spanner in the works for rural areas. 

With this in mind, Plug-N-Go keeps abreast of the national network of electric vehicle charging infrastructure through solid research and is acutely aware of areas that are missing out. 

“Our expertise is in the business and public sector, working with Local Authorities, hotels, commercial retail spaces, health care sectors and many more. We offer a A-Z solution from site survey, designing and installing, monitoring and proactive maintenance and what’s more, we futureproof all our sites, with many power supplies pre-wired below ground. Where possible, we tap into our expertise in renewable energy and power using solar or wind energy and with thousands of registered users now using the Plug-N-Go app – we are helping the country go electric. Our charging stations appear on Google Maps or advertised through partner networks such as Zapmap and Allstar, “explained Keith.

Working with the client to understand how they use their built assets is key to installing the appropriate number and type of EV chargers to see how the assets can work for them. Plug-n-Go will design a solution to provide immediate and future planned needs, with a collaborative approach to ensure that reliability and control is at the heart of the final solution. 

The design process incorporates the client energy strategy for the building and ensures that innovation and options are considered including energy conservation, Battery Energy Storage Systems and load management, where this is not possible, we also manage the delivery of new DNO energy connections to facilitate the installation of the charging network.

Understanding the full consumer experience to EV charging is key to delivering a network that works for everyone, is reliable and supported. We do this by ensuring that the design is robust, the installation is comprehensive, and the operation of the network is proactively monitored, maintained, and supported 24/7/365 by our specialist EV team at the AA. 

Plug-n-Go provide fully or part funded AC & DC charging solutions for public facing carparks ensuring that the site owner generates an income from the charging points, whilst providing facilities for their working fleet, staff and the local community. We work with the client to navigate the appropriate grant funding schemes to ensure that available funding is secured and can provide ‘top up’ funding for any shortfalls to deliver the optimum solution. 

Our experience comes from working with Government departments, local authorities, Healthcare organisations and the asset management companies to ensure your asset works for you.

To find out more about bespoke solutions, across a wide range of charging equipment models, speeds and volumes, see the website below:

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