Bank-verified digital identity: the one-shot solution to the many challenges public sector organisations face today. 

From combatting fraud to driving down costs, OneID® – the UK’s leading bank-based digital identity verification service provider – delivers value to public sector organisations on multiple levels.   

Mention digital identity and the thought immediately goes to fraud prevention. And that’s fair. Most people's experience with ‘digital identity’ is scanning a government-issued identity document to prove who they are. 

In reality digital identity verification is much more than that. It goes beyond a document upload and is based on unique data points from reliable sources. The banks, for instance. They hold up-to-date and thoroughly vetted data points about their customers, which can be used to prove an individual's identity in a highly secure way and with a high degree of certainty. 

OneID® uses this data—with the individual's consent—in a digital end-to-end process to deliver a truly digital, document-free identity verification process. 

Bank-verified data: enabling public sector organisations to deliver like digital-first service to citizens.

Pre-filled forms with verified data, minimal errors, faster verification, a frictionless account setup process, and, of course, greater identity certainty and protection from fraud—OneID® enables public sector organisations to deliver citizen services in a way that matches the digital age. 

Add speed and certainty to pre-employment screening: Cut ID check time for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and Right to Work (RTW) from days to seconds. Get highly reliable results in a way that’s compliant with UK Government guidelines. 

Verify and set up accounts for payments: Verify the identity of the individual and autofill direct debit details using bank-verified data while complying with the rules of the BACS Direct Debit scheme. Simplify and speed up the KYC process. Establish ownership of the account and make it easy for citizens to log back into their accounts if they forget their password or lose their device. 

Confirm ownership of bank account for payments out: Ensure the person receiving the payment, like benefits, is the one who should be receiving it. Verify their identity and auto-fill verified bank account details in seconds to reduce payment fraud and disputes. 

Increase efficiency in the delivery of services to citizens: Streamline and speed up the process of applying for parking permits, alcohol licences and more.  Digitise your interactions to enable easy access to local services, reducing the operational costs of manual application processing. 

Local authorities turning to OneID® to support online transactions.

OneID®’s innovative and 100% digital approach is helping local authorities speed up their digital transformation. The solution is easy to integrate and can be used within a day of partnering.  

The fastest, easiest and more secure process – to verify their identity, all that an individual has to do is log in to their online banking account or mobile banking app and consent to share data. The OneID® API then shares the data with the local authority that requested the information in a completely secure way. All this takes just a few clicks and is completed in seconds. 

A seamless and frictionless experience—with no documents to scan or selfies to upload, OneID® delivers a smooth and easy journey that can be completed from any device and anywhere. 

Reduces costs, streamlines operations, and drives up efficiencies—with no manual identity verification processes, duplication of efforts, or errors to fix, you can save on overhead expenses and speed up your processes. 

Reaches 90% of UK adults – 13% of the UK adults don’t have a passport, and 25% don’t have a driver’s license – limiting their ability to verify their identity and access services. In comparison, 90% of UK adults have an online banking account – making it one of the most inclusive identity verification solutions.  

The only open banking-based identity verification service provider on the Crown Commercial Services framework.

OneID® has been named a supplier on Crown Commercial Services' (CCS) Open Banking Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), established in January to enable public sector bodies - local authorities, the NHS, and government departments - to access services to reduce fraud, enable payments, establish affordability. 

OneID® is the first open banking identity provider to join the DPS and has been assessed under the Department of Science Innovation and Technology’s strict standards of privacy, inclusivity, and transparency of data use. 

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