ManUp Key

“We used the ManUp Key on an estate today where a lot of the manholes were seized. As a whole the ManUp Key saved us a lot of time freeing up manhole covers. More importantly, this was achieved in a safer manner than using hammer and chisel; wrecking bar; sledge hammer; crow bar. Specifically, there was less risk of flying shards and debris.”

Due to its length and 8Kg weight, the ManUp Key, allows the operator to stand in a natural upright position, using a quick upward motion, exerting an upward hammer-like effect on the underneath of the cover. This action breaks any seal that grit, grime or rust has created, minimising damage to the cover, effectively reducing repair and replacement costs. With multiple quick-change tips available and a design service for custom tips, multiple designs and sizes of manholes can be accommodated.

“Then another colleague said; ’look at his straight back’ and the job was done”

“I go straight for the ManUp Key, and, they always come up”

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Schneider Electric

Schneider  Electric  is  leading  the  Digital  Transformation  of  Energy  Management  and  Auto

Tiger Turf

Founded in 2000, the UK division of TigerTurf designs and manufactures artificial turf for sport