Fern & Noble

Helping Organizations achieve results through Human Centered offices is the Vision and purpose of Fern & Noble. Most workspaces, Educational Facilities and Healthcare Providers know that mood effects behavior. However many of these places are not designed with the wellbeing of the occupants in mind. This leads to low productivity, stress and aggravation with knock-on effects for the quality of work, wellbeing, quality of care and overall success of your organization. Failure to respond to this issue has serious consequences.

Understanding that a re-design is not an option for many Fern & Noble addresses this problem with simple modular additions inspired by Nature. We help people create calming and restorative environments by offering a marketplace for products with natural elements and can work with your teams to unlock the benefits of Biophilic design. Packages designed for Productivity, Wellbeing, Clean Air and Special Needs offer an instant boost for occupants. Modular products mean no construction is necessary, meaning no down-time and flexibility to move items within the space. The result is Naturally Inspired Behavioral Change and Better Mental Health.

Serving Office Spaces, Educational Facilities, Healthcare and other Public Sector Businesses, if Healthier and Happier people are a priority for you please call or email below for free information on how we have helped organizations like yours.

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Event Diary

London Calling! Register online for The HVAC & Refrigeration Show 2018

Taking place at London’s ExCeL, ecobuild is the number one event for forward thinkers in the built environment, comprising the ecobuild conference and futurebuild districts.

Hotelympia 2018 will equip visitors with products, trends and innovations to develop their businesses.