CDG have worked and continue to work, with several Government departments to enhance and expand their digital channel by building their next-generation online services. An example of the benefits:

  • Empowering the Department/s to build new services and deliver value more quickly than ever before.
  • Enhanced flexibility with open source approach, eliminating vendor lock-in.
  • Boosting in-house IT expertise through ongoing knowledge transfer with CDG.
  • Simplifying IT management by enabling the Department/s to consolidate and rationalise technologies.
  • Who and Why CDG?

    CDG create amazing digital services irrespective of device, platform or location. We work alongside our clients to pinpoint new opportunities, deliver value for the long term and create new business by mobilising the full power of digital. Whether that’s in new business, new services, or new experiences. 

    Agile methodologies are widely recognised as one of the most successful – and invigorating – project management systems ever devised. Liberate your workflow and free your organisation from the costs of hosting, maintenance, and configuration. CDG deliver a secure, flexible, UK cloud-based service that releases the potential of our industry-leading SaaS partners.


    Bound by a unique combination of exceptional digital talent, analytical skills and extensive business tech-savvy skills, we have the critical resources for successfully designing, building and implementing great digital services.

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Flood & Coast has become the authoritative annual exhibition and conference for anyone involved in flood and coastal erosion risk management in the UK.