Casella Guardian2 – the all in one site monitoring solution

The Guardian2 building site monitoring system allows simultaneous reporting of noise, dust and vibration monitoring, as well as wind speed and direction for measurement of site emission levels.

Guardian2 is easy to use, and provides precise monitoring which utilises the web based Casella 24/7 interface. This allows users to monitor and create automated reports/alerts in real-time direct to multiple user PC or mobile devices. Users can be quickly alerted to levels that exceed pre-set thresholds eg to monitor for PM10 to avoid costly compliance breaches. The Guardian2 ensures data integrity for construction dust monitoring and noise measurement, wherever in the world the system is located. The system is easy to install and once connected, all sensors within the Guardian2 are activated and data is automatically transmitted.

The Guardian2 is able to run from 100-250V mains power supply, plus the solar panel option means it is suitable for site applications where no hardwired power is available. The Guardian2 data can be securely analysed at any time from any location. The comprehensive reports assist improve environmental site performance and help reduce downtime from exceeding permitted limits. Casella is a global leader in air sampling monitoring solutions and sound level meters. Contact us or visit our website.

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