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H.S.S.E Responsibility! Who is Responsible?

Every individual is responsible for Health, Safety, Security and Environmental protection.

It is not just your company Directors, Managers or HSE team!

Accountability starts with planning your project. Don’t forget to budget for safety training. This includes all associated training which starts with SAFETY INDUCTION's to the project or office!
There is so much involved to ensure that the company is following all the rules and regulations to stay within the law. There is a lot of information available via the internet, Directors and Senior Managers may believe they have done all they need to do to comply. This really may not be the case.

Cases are in court every day where companies are finding out that they were not actually doing the right thing. DUE DILIGENCE: "The degree of care that is to be reasonably expected or that is legally required."

Every company no matter how large or small has a DUTY of CARE to its employees and customers as well as those it may impact by its operations. Don’t leave yourself open to a law suit for negligence Contact us today and book your essential accredited training, on-line E-learning , Classroom or both!

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