React was born out of the need for a specialist case management solution specifically designed for antisocial behaviour case management professionals.

Now, 15 years later, ReACT is the solution of choice for more than 150 organisations who case manage Antisocial Behaviour across the UK & Ireland. In addition to ASB, ReACT is also in use case managing Domestic Violence, Hate Crime, Troubled Families, Safeguarding, Vandalism and many other forms of person centred antisocial case management.

Many of the organisations who now use ReACT had previously attempted to use CRM systems, Housing Management Systems and even generic case management software to manage their ASB, but ultimately reached the conclusion that this is neither achievable nor a cost-effective solution. Given the specialised nature of ASB case management, non-specialised applications are unable to be ‘bent’ or ‘stretched’ to provide the specialist functionality that is appropriate to ASB case workers or legislatively compliant.

ReACT is different because it has been built with the knowledge, feedback and real experiences of ASB professionals and partners. With a proven pedigree, ReACT is powerful, yet simple to use; delivering the right tools for the job and intuitively guiding the user through policy and procedure workflows. Its flexible features mean that ReACT has the potential to be used beyond just ASB.

ReACT empowers users to report, manage and share case information across the organisation, whilst also enabling external partners and agencies to confidently report Anti-Social Behaviour.

Capturing, collating and reporting upon all sources of case-related data is the key to great case management and ReACT can gather together data from numerous internal and external sources, while adhering to an organisations policies and to legislation. It removes the potential for human-error, reducing the case-officer’s stress, whilst remaining accountable and compliant. ReACT can help introduce a new level of consistency and integrity to case management, ensuring more accurate reporting, cost management and resource allocation for your organisation.

Case Studies

The Safer Travel Partnership is a collaboration between Centro, West Midlands Police, British Transport Police and Transport Operators. The Partnership adopted ReACT to provide a common view of incident case management, those areas most vulnerable to crime, antisocial behaviour and nuisance behaviour, building a comprehensive profile across the transport network. ReACT successfully enabled the Partnership to eliminate the issue of duplicate data being entered into incompatible systems, supporting a co-ordinated and consistent approach to case management. It has provided the intelligence to support civil interventions and perpetrator identification. Front line teams have been able to focus their limited resource in the areas that will make the biggest difference. Improved complainant communication and case outcome reporting have dramatically improved efficiency across the Partnership, as well as delivering financial savings.

Gwalia Housing Association are a leading provider of housing, care and support services in south and mid Wales and employ around 1400 staff across the business. Gwalia manage over 10,000 homes, care for over 1,100 people and support over 6,000 more through services such as floating support, day care, advice, mediation, live bonds and domiciliary or extra care.
Gwalia were attempting to use their Housing Management System for case managing ASB, and finding that it was far from suitable for the job. Information was not held in a single view within the organisation resulting in increased work to retrieve it; if it was indeed held at all. There was no automated link or integration to allow staff and 3rd party agencies to record incidents, and with little automation, the HMS was inflexible in defining effective use of prompts and reminders to support case work. Additionally, there was no quick case creation; the process for creating new cases or linking existing cases was confusing and resulted in duplicate cases being created.

As Gwalia explored the requirements list for procuring a new ASB Case Management & Reporting solution it became clear that a specialist provider would be able to offer many more of the features that they were looking for. They were aware that the Local Authority in Swansea used ReACT, so they spent some time with Swansea’s ASB department to understand the benefits of the system. Gwalia then published a formal tender and ReACT emerged as the winning bidder and scored highly against their system requirement list.

Amongst many challenges Gwalia faced were:-

  • Information was not in a single view or place resulting in many clicks to get basic data that was lost within other information.
  • There was no automated link or integration to allow staff and 3rd party agencies to record incidents.
  • There was little automation and the system was inflexible in defining effective use of prompts and reminders to support case work.
  • The process for creating new cases or linking existing cases was confusing and resulted in duplicate cases being created.
  • Difficultly managing case loads and their allocation with no visibility of case work and load, resulting in inappropriate case work allocation.
  • Data collection was inefficiently and did not meet the HouseMark reporting standards.
  • Their processes were not customer centric and officers were unable to spend enough time working with their service users.

When ReACT was launched at Gwalia it very quickly made a significant positive impact. The main benefits they have already realised include:

  • Officers found it much more straight forward to enter cases, categorise and allocate them to the relevant officer.
  • Adding additional incidents to cases is was easy and the details are stored chronologically.
  • Gwalia can now identify repeat complainants and perpetrators
  • Officers are able to manage their workloads more easily, making use of the ReACT today filters and through the reminders for Action Stages.
  • Team leaders are able to manage workloads and divide tasks/actions as appropriate.
  • The organisation now has an enhanced knowledge of stock areas, using tools such as hot spotting maps.

Soon after implementation of ReACT, Gwalia were also successful in winning the contract to reduce Anti-Social Behaviour across the Dyfed-Powys area. This is a 4-local authority area with a population of over 488,000. It was identified early in the tender process that ReACT would strengthen their position as bidder as it would allow them to provide a Case Management approach to this service where key agencies could have visibility of information. One of the main objectives of this service was to provide an integrated solution and ReACT has helped Gwalia achieve this with multiple agencies working on one platform.

The 14th Annual ReACT User Group

On October 11th this year, we proudly held our 14th annual ReACT User Group (RUG) in Birmingham

The success and popularity of ReACT for case managing anti-social behaviour is a result of us truly listening to our clients to directly drive product improvement. The user group's longevity is further evidence of our ability to listen to our users and respond to them by delivering the tools they need; very much like the formula we apply to our software.

This year, we again achieved a fantastic turnout with demand outstripping the available places, the audience being a mixture of prospects, new faces and RUG veterans who are always eager to see the future of case management.

This year's sessions covered a variety of topics including the hottest of the moment; the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its effect on ASB case data. It has become evident in recent months that there is much confusion and concern amongst ASB professionals regarding the effects on their case data. The user group was a great platform to discuss GDPR, and our team outlined the tools that will be available before the May 2018 deadline. ReACT users will be empowered to take control of their data removal responsibilities by applying their own organisations policies and ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Our Pending Notes session introduced delegates to our unique incident note capture and processing workflow and went further by demonstrating the powerful Pre-Case Assessment functionality. Pre-Case Assessment allows users to scrutinise incoming incidents via a configurable assessment tool which assists in deciding whether an incident is truly ASB or if it requires archiving with no further action.

ReACT also introduced a new Tenant Portal; a joint collaboration between ReACT and Your Homes Newcastle. The portal allows tenants to report and track their own ASB incidents, with direct and seamless integration into ReACT. Officers can review and manage the cases with ease, and communicate feedback on the progress directly to the tenants via the portal. Using the portal will reduce the time officers spend updating tenants on the status and progress of cases, streamline communication and greatly improve a tenants’ perception and satisfaction of your ASB services.

The interactive product feedback session which involved users sharing their views on the current version of ReACT using a Top Gear style 'Cool Wall' was a huge success and the audience was then treated to a preview of the amazing new version of ReACT; R5.

R5 has a stunning new interface, user defined KPI’s, dashboards and case insights that provide case officers with instant and vital information about their workload. With integrated intelligence R5 can identify potential issues with both cases and individuals, assisting officers in making informed decisions with assured speed and accuracy.

With R5, we have applied 15 years of knowledge, experience and user collaboration, taking the UK’s market-leading solution to another level.

To see how ReACT can streamline case management for your organisation, please visit our website or telephone us.

0121 3842514

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