£22.8 million for community development

The Department for Communities and Local Government has awarded £22.8 million to help communities develop plans to give them a real say in the development of their area.

The funding, broken down to around £5.5 million per year until 2022, will help local areas build more homes and give local residents more say over growth in their area, as well as provide communities with specialist support to help develop a Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plans allow local communities input over the development of their area including where homes, shops, green spaces and offices should be built and how they should look.

Alok Sharma, Housing and Planning Minister, said: “Neighbourhood planning gives communities a powerful set of tools to shape their area and drive local growth. The government is committed to giving communities even more of a say in the development of their area, and that’s why we’re dedicating around £23 million between 2018 and 2022 to help groups create Neighbourhood Plans.

“With over 400 now in place more people than ever are having their say on the location and design of new homes, shops and offices in their community. I congratulate the many thousands of community minded people across England carrying out this valuable work.”

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