Green space designs to change Leeds cityscape

New £1.9 million design proposals show the planned redevelopment for one of the key gateway areas of Leeds.

An innovative approach to develop public space in the city has been outlined, focusing on changing areas of space across the city centre so as to provide people living, working and visiting the city with spaces that they want to visit and use.

Judith Blake, leader of Leeds City Council, said: “One of our greatest cultural assets in the city is the areas of public space we have. We have a real opportunity to shape a fantastic city centre over the next few years, with a big ambition of the being the best city by 2023.

“This latest development is one of 15 transformational schemes identified for the city centre as part of an innovative new approach to making the city centre more welcoming and a quality environment. We want a city centre that is inclusive, friendly and cutting edge, where our residents and visitors want to spend time socialising and working in vibrant and open spaces.”

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