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The most widely-accepted definition of “Big Data” was presented by Gartner as: “high-volume, high-velocity and/or high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, and innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight, decision making, and process optimisation”.

Government agencies proliferate datasets that encompass all of these “3V” attributes : high volume, velocity and variety. These entities have significant opportunities to utilise the Big Data assets they hold to rapidly form evidence-based policies that reflect the needs of society and transform the delivery of high-quality public services, becoming more transparent in their interactions with citizens as a result.

Big Data therefore has the potential to deliver more responsive, targeted and relevant services and make Government more effective and efficient. However, Big Data has be handled in a responsible and ethical manner - citizens have to be confident that their data is being used effectively, appropriately and securely. Resolving these complex dependencies - particularly when data is being shared across agencies - requires that the organisations concerned form close working relationships with knowledgeable partners to produce precise, adaptive, scalable and secure solutions within demanding timeframes and budgets.     

Deep3 delivers secure-by-design software that addresses these challenges by applying an engineering mindset to our customer’s problems. We utilise truly agile practices to ensure that our solutions are developed on time to budget and draw on our experience in the intelligence and cyber sectors  - working with organisations such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, NCSC, DSTL and other high-threat and high-profile agencies - to disseminate our unique insights into the proliferation of 3V data and data sources and the processing and security demands that they pose across the wider Government domain.

Our approach enables you to become more effectively connected and gain greater value from your data by using the correct software technologies throughout your organisation. This means you can develop an improved decision-making capability more efficiently so you are more proactive in predicting - and responding to - shifts in your operational requirements and risk outlook.

We will help you to become inherently secure-by-design and compliant with all current standards while retaining your operational flexibility. This will help you to manage the risks - and absorb the changes - that your organisation faces. In this way, we assist you to retain operational integrity while effectively dealing with unpredictable events.

We offer the widest range of technologies and methodologies, reflecting our depth of expertise in four areas of developing and delivering software via:  

  • Application development;
  • Data engineering;
  • Cloud deployment; and
  • Agile delivery and operations.

Our experts will help you select the most appropriate approach that meet your specific challenges and requirements, designing and delivering software across some or all of these areas. Where appropriate, we will also offer training and experience-based consultancy, so you make the right strategic technology decisions and apply software more effectively across your organisation, delivering the right service outcomes..

Application Development
We apply human-centred software and appropriate protocols, language techniques and functionality across your organisation to enhance operational value and improve service outcomes utilising:

  • User Interface (UI) Development
  • User Experience (UX) Services
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Application Programming Interface (API) Development
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Web Application Development
  • Cloud-Native Application Development

Data Engineering
With our extensive data engineering expertise, we build the necessary processing pipelines and platforms that deliver the right data to the right place across your organisation, enhancing analysis
and insight using:

  • Natural Language Processing / Text Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Modelling
  • Streaming Analytics
  • Enterprise Search
  • High Volume Messaging
  • Big Data Technologies

Cloud Deployment
We provide the right cloud capability to advance your business by deployment via secure cloud platforms on AWS or Azure, implemented according to National Cyber Security Centre Cloud Security principles. We also deploy using serverless technologies, maximising efficiency via techniques such as containerisation and perform application migration services, maintaining the availability of legacy applications.

Agile Delivery and Operations
Deep3 rapidly delivers operational value with improved user buy-in and involvement, combined with enhanced reliability through automation. We provide:

  • Agile At Scale, including LeSS and SAFe;
  • Continuous Delivery - Automating the integration and delivery of software to reduce cost, time and risk;
  • DevOps  - Working as a single team across development and operations, supported by the latest automation tooling;
  • Automated Testing - To ensure rapid and repeatable quality assurance, including behaviour driven development;
  • Agile Coaching - Supporting your teams to maximise the opportunities from adopting agile practices; and
  • Scrum techniques - Incremental software development with shorter release cycles that can more easily adapt to change.

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