Who are ABJ Drones?

ABJ’s core subject matter experts in drone design, operations, and applications are the best in their respective fields most of who oversee several business models in the development of safe and efficient UAV applications. In this developing and dynamic industry, ABJ leverages this combined expertise in all facets of drones and related technologies in multiple industries and UAV use cases with offices in United States, United Kingdom, India and currently expanding across the globe creating a personal local and reliable presence.


ABJ Consultants comprised of its senior staff delivers real-time customized solutions to countries, states, prime ministers, presidents, fortune 500s, corporate and private entities globally. We provide experience generated from years of expertise in military, federal-local, commercial, and private applications. ABJ consulting brings cost-efficient solutions with high returns and long-term gains. “ABJ builds partners and solutions”. ABJ retains the world’s leading experts in numerous industries such as; software development, UAV operations, securities, mission-critical inspections, algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) and in the matter of any use case solutions.

Pilot Services

ABJ is a leader in all facets of services provided by UAV’s.  ABJ pilots serve in multiple industries across the globe ranging from telecommunications, agriculture, oil and gas, wind turbine, waterway systems, construction, infrastructure, first responders and police & fire.  ABJ pilots are trained by ABJ Drone Academy in the latest technologies and products bringing the most informed data collection and deliverable possible to the customer.  ABJ’ solution provides aerial advantages with 4K resolution video, ultra hi-res imagery, enhanced inspection through telephoto lenses, 3D Modelling, 2D ortho-mosaics, thermal/infrared, and LiDAR inspections.

In the case of renewable energy surrounding wind farms ABJ uses proprietary approach and equipment to detect anomalies, thus providing early detection and increasing awareness and early maintenance schedules. ABJ’s proven tried and tested method in the inspection of solar panels provides detailed anomaly analysis while maintaining operation status. In both cases ABJ can localize faulty equipment in large areas and objects through the means of geo tagging which enables the customer to make immediate informed decision-making options.

ABJ’s transportation solutions to railway, motorways, and bridges removes the needless risk of dangerous human inspections while keeping them fully operational. ABJ’s inspection methods with advanced technology allows fast and efficient data analytics greater than that of historical means. Through advanced AI software, projects can be compared side by side from flight to flight to monitor and review changes.


ABJ also serves the UAV industry with UAV products. ABJ is a direct dealer for DJI and multiple others across the globe.  These relationships allow ABJ to provide most cost-effective value engineered solution to our customers. Contact us for obtaining the latest DJI UAV platforms at competitive prices.

Pilot Network

ABJ pilot network consists of pilots from all over the world with varying degrees in experience.  Our pilots are 100% vetted and tested regarding capabilities and product familiarization.  Each pilot undergoes initial training learning ABJ industry leading standing policies and procedures.  We believe that the best approach to customer satisfaction and ensured safe flight operations is education and training.

At ABJ we invest in our pilots to ensure they are subject matter experts in each industry they work in.  This approach allows streamlined conversation between the client and quick identification of deliverables, thus, providing an exceptional customer experience.

ABJ Drone Academy

Our professional drone school offers state-of-art training programs to pilots of all skill levels and backgrounds, including colleges and universities, commercial organizations, and government organizations. We take a multi-faceted approach to drone education and offer a blend of in-person ground school classes and online self-study that extensively covers the theory on aviation, practical ground based sessions to teach pre-and post- flight skills and post flight sessions where candidates learn how to interpret captured mission data. ABJ ensures that candidates are fully educated on being a remote UAV pilot and that they’re fully competent to carry out operations safely and successfully.

ABJ’s Back-end Data Management System

ABJ’s cutting-edge customer repository incorporates machine learning into the customer’s existing processes and business practices while reducing time and resource allocation. By using real-time data sharing and collaboration/dispatch to key users/alert triggering software which provides our clients a secure and encrypted cloud based portal accessible virtually anywhere. ABJ’s repository is not a “file manager”. It is a pre-and post-project management tool providing annotations, specific area of inspections, image and video manipulation.

ABJ’s Value proposition to our customers

ABJ Drones provides a dramatic improvement in the efficiency, scope, safety, and quality of the inspection process by reducing data gathering time compared to a current manual process with less customer’s resources. We provide real-time data collection and inspections combined with remote collaboration tools that easily implement with intuitive interface software solutions and greatly streamline management review process.

ABJ’s methodology is applicable in all use cases, any inspection type and in multiple industries. Eliminating unnecessary resource management and costs while vastly reducing customer’s safety and health risks.

Event Diary

The Emergency Services Show is the UK’s leading annual showcase of the blue light sector, featuring over 450 exhibitors, live demonstrations, unique learning opportunities and unrivalled networking.