Tynetec, a brand of Legrand

Tynetec, a brand of Legrand, designs, manufactures and supplies innovative Technology Enabled Care solutions to a range of sectors including Councils, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Public and Private Sector Organisations and Charities across the UK.

More than 90% of people say they want to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible, and Technology Enabled Care services help to support and enhance an individual’s life by enabling them to maintain an independent lifestyle, with the appropriate level of monitoring and carer support.

The analogue technology that has been used to operate TECs across the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in UK for over 40 years is being replaced by digital Internet Protocol (IP) systems, with the transition, according to Ofcom aiming to be concluded by 2025. This process has important implications for existing analogue technologies, which may continue to operate, but with the possibly of being less reliable and more complex to install and manage.

In order to ensure the continued safe provision of valuable TECs, Tynetec is using over 40 years’ experience in delivering outstanding, innovative products to create a range of digital solutions with open protocols that support interoperability.

As leaders in digital building infrastructures, Legrand already offer a comprehensive range of digitally enabled solutions tailored to commercial, residential and industrial buildings. And as a brand of Legrand, Tynetec is pioneering the use of digital technology in Technology Enabled Care, with products designed and manufactured in-house. They offer commercial models and flexibility, as well as a planned approach to phase out of PSTN.

Tynetec’s comprehensive range of At-Home Alarm Units have been designed to work over analogue and digital infrastructures, with the ability to connect seamlessly to almost any Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) platform. They offer any individual a secure and critical connection to a response service in the event that they require assistance.

Personal wellbeing and environmental sensors, such as fall detectors, can be wirelessly connected to an At-Home Alarm Unit in order to expand its capabilities and provide tailored solutions to an individual’s needs. Tynetec’s range of devices allows a user to make an emergency call for help, or makes the call for them when recognising their need for assistance.

Tynetec also creates a range of digitally enabled Grouped Living and Access Control systems, designed to ensure that local authorities and housing associations have flexible and future proofed options to effectively support their residents.

The Advent xt grouped living alarm and communication system enables residents to remain independent in supporting housing environments, including core and cluster housing, managed schemes and extra care developments. It can be tailored to incorporate additional functionality and Technology Enabled Care devices, should an individual’s needs change.
With the introduction of digital Technology Enabled Care products and services, the possibilities are endless; therefore a secure, robust and reliable infrastructure on which they can be supported is essential.

Legrand have developed a cloud based digital ecosystem which allows simple digitally enabled devices in the home or grouped living environments to be integrated with other systems and services such as monitoring centres, connected homes and mobile applications.

The connected home or smart home utilises the internet of things to adapt the home environment to meet an individual’s personal needs and requirements. These connected intelligence systems can be installed alongside Tynetec’s TECs devices to fully integrate control over the dimming and switching of lighting, audio visual, heating, energy efficiency, home automation, security and door entry.

Tynetec offer this complete end-to-end digital solution through interoperability with Legrand’s Jontek brand. Jontek’s assisted living platform operates in alarm monitoring and response centres throughout the UK. The Answerlink platform is designed for the management of TECs, telehealth, lone worker and m-care services, and supports both analogue and digital technology simultaneously.

As all Tynetec products are designed for interoperability, Legrand can provide true end-to-end digital connectivity by linking Tynetec products to the latest Jontek platform.

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