Trolex is a progressive technology group which aims to become the leading name in safety technology, wherever and whenever workers operate in challenging environments. We bring to market products that are dramatically superior to our competition, providing outstanding real-world benefits to our customers.

The Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor is a new generation of particulate sensor combining lab-grade monitoring precision with the ability to function continuously in the harshest environments. The unit is simple, durable and lightweight and contains no pumps or filters meaning ultra-high reliability and low maintenance. 

Air XD allows simultaneous display of two PM sizes, selectable from PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.25 (respirable) and PM10. Real-time accurate respirable dust levels are displayed on the unit screen and alarm set points allow instant response to dangerous dust levels. Deployed as a stand-alone dust monitor or as part of a wider on-demand dust control and suppression system Air XD is accurate to with +/- 5%, providing reliable, convenient, and easy-to-manage protection to your personnel and assets.

Installation of the Air XD could not be simpler; once mounted in position and power applied, the unit is switched on and after it has completed the system check it begins reading and logging data. The AIR XD can be quickly and easily configured during production or by approved users to suit your specific needs.

Collating, analysing and reporting data is essential for any instrument. Air XD makes this fast and easy both on device and via simple and convenient application software. View live readings, download historic data and output detailed graphs using the Air XD application software. Focus on areas of concern and see the detailed PM size composition. Spot trends and gain insights on how best to protect your people, processes and the environment. Go beyond box-ticking to improve employee health, the working environment and operational efficiency.

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