Station10 – answering your needs in Digital Data Science

As technology revolutionises how the public buy goods and services through digital channels, citizens also want to engage with government in the same way.

We know that your data has the potential to make a difference for citizens, but many public sector organisations still don’t realise this, can’t capitalise on the opportunities presented by data or think that government issues are too difficult and complex to be solved with data.

That’s where we come in. We are experts in analysing multichannel customer data.

Our team specialise in guiding your organisation through the various steps of your data journey; helping to create and execute a data-driven business strategy – from identifying which tools to use in the first place to ongoing analytics support; from deep dive insight and predictive modelling to bespoke training and team set-up.

We love solving difficult questions and cracking seemingly impenetrable problems, advancing your understanding of your data, and identifying valuable new insights about how your customers behave.

Station10 was founded in 2011 and was inspired by the Bletchley Park code-breakers of World War II. We use a combination of brain power, experience and technology to break modern-day enigmas and make your data work for you.

Station 10, or Station X as it was sometimes known was a place where mathematicians, technicians, crossword and puzzle fanatics, chess masters, boffins and translators came together to turn otherwise indecipherable data into highly valuable insight. They were the original data scientists. And that’s just what we do (well, perhaps apart from being chess masters).

Whilst the data we analyse isn’t always quite so life-changing, we know it’s the crucial key for you to deliver both better customer insights and improved results across your business.

We love helping you solve your biggest digital challenges through data!

We have helped organisations in diverse markets and industries navigate through their data journey. We consult on data strategy, planning, implementation, in-depth analysis and insight, and focus on driving action from all of these. Station10 full services portfolio is on the G Cloud 10 framework, to help the public sector analyse the multichannel customer data and turn it into valuable and usable insights. We have worked on projects for the Department of Transport, Ministry of Defence and the Cabinet Office, bringing digital innovation to the civil service, making it more efficient and cutting waste.

Our services:

DATA STRATEGY & PLANNING: Ensuring your data analytics capabilities are best in class and helping structure your data and insight teams.

DATA IMPLEMENTATION: Designing, implementing and supporting analytics solutions, tailor made for your individual business needs, whilst ensuring they can grow and evolve as you do.

DEEP DIVE INSIGHT: We help you overcome your business challenges by providing you with rapid insights to help you drive change, improvement and success in your organisation.

ONGOING OPTIMISATION: Developing hypotheses, tests and analysing the findings to make continuous improvements across your business.

DATA ACADEMY: Training and upskilling your team to ensure your business is getting the most out of your data analytics solutions.

To find out more about Station10 and the services we offer, just call us, email us or visit our website.

07803 162092

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