Short-term toner gain equals long-term pain

Why the public sector can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to print

It’s no secret the UK’s public sector is facing increasing pressure, with the demand on its services growing like never before. Add to this the constant budget restrictions and resourcing cuts that public sector organisations are faced with and it’s clear that the demand versus resource balance is, well… not balanced at all.

So it’s easy to see why some public sector organisations might be tempted by the idea of non-genuine toner. It’s viewed as a fast financial fix; all it takes is one google search, which will instantly provide numerous adverts for so-called ‘cheap’, ‘cost effective’ and ‘unbeatable’ compatible cartridges. But, the truth is while it just takes one click to make some short term savings, the damaging side effects can be extremely long term...

Using compatible toners instead of the real deal can lead to a whole host of immediate problems, including poor quality prints and excessive jams. Many of the issues are relatively time consuming to solve and, let’s face it, time is one luxury that public sector organisations do not have, especially given tight resourcing budgets.

However, more serious and ultimately more costly is the long-term damage that using non-genuine consumables can do to your printing device. You could be causing hundreds of pounds worth of irreparable damage, just to save a few pounds upfront on toner. TUV Rheinland, an independent inspecting body, tested four compatible toners against a genuine product and found three of them caused machine downtime by harming the components of the device, which could be a disaster for many organisations and employees working in the budget-tight and resource-squeezed public sector.

And not only that, using non-genuine toner can negatively affect the environment- your printing decisions can have a wider impact. TUV Rheinland found that, depending on which third-party toner you use, there were up to 9 times more non-usable prints in comparison to using genuine toner. That means that 90% of what you print would be useless. In a large organisation, that’s not to be sniffed at, as it equals a lot of wasted paper and toner. Harming not just your budget sheet, but also the environment too.

Furthermore, using non-genuine toner can often mean your device no longer meets environmental benchmarks and industry standards. That Blue Angel certification and any green credentials are out of the window when you choose to take a risk on counterfeit toner. For a public sector organisation with environmental quotas to hit, a non-genuine toner could be the difference between hitting them or missing them altogether.

So what can be done?

Well, the answer is as simple as it sounds- invest in genuine toner.

The truth is, genuine toner is unable to beat compatible competitors on price because the manufacturers have substantial research and development costs as a result of producing innovative devices, products and services that do things differently; with both quality and longevity at their core.

Keeping in line with our own environmental policy, all our products are built on a foundation of long life components. The only consumable in our printing devices which ever needs changing is the toner, because the devices themselves are built with long lasting drums and developers which last between 100,000 and 600,000 pages. As for the toners, we design them to contain cleaning beads in order to ensure that the devices last longer and meet their full potential.

We also offer a returns service for all used genuine KYOCERA toner cassettes and waste toner bottles, which sees them prepared for reuse in a variety of products. By buying genuine KYOCERA products, you are making an investment- and one that will pay off in the long-term.

But don’t just take our word for it... KYOCERA is an approved public sector supplier

To make life easier, KYOCERA is also certified on the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) RM3781 framework, which caters for the public sector’s multi-functional devices (MFD), managed print services and records information management needs.

The CCS framework recognises our 25+ years’ experience of supplying cost-effective solutions to the public sector. It provides organisations with a simple route to procure managed print services and genuine consumables in an environmentally compliant and cost effective way. Using this CCS Framework can help you to avoid the costs of counterfeit.

Compatible goods are just as they sound; a poor imitation of the original. And if you cut corners when it comes to consumables, you will end up paying the price long term.

If you are unsure whether or not you can purchase through the framework or would like to speak to one of KYOCERA’s experts, please get in touch by calling, emailing and visiting our website.

00845 7103104

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