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Perform Green

Perform Green are strategy and change experts. We drive innovation, productivity and a sustainable, collaborative future through digitally inspired change.

Our world class people bring first hand-experience to support teams to deliver transformational programmes, underpinned by a robust change management process. By considering commercial and economic models, we ensure our clients gain the maximum value from assets, feel the benefit of cost savings and deliver a positive, sustainable legacy.

We believe in building smart societies by harnessing the power of digital technology to deliver positive benefits to individuals, communities, organisations and cities, whilst keeping people of a place at the heart of what we do.

Perform Green Experience & Expertise

Perform Green have been directly involved in the required innovation, determination and original thinking that has successfully led Bristol to overtake London as the Smartest City in the UK in Huawei Smart City Index 2017. Two key programmes of work deliver solutions that will improve the lives of the people in Bristol, making cost savings and developing new revenue streams for the city.

Bristol’s Smart Operations Centre plays an important role in managing the daily safety, accessibility and flow of the city through to its Traffic Control, incident management, Community Safety (CCTV) and telecare services. The centre now offers a world class cooperative and collaborative workspace, bringing council and city departments together, to work in a truly integrated manner for the first time. Perform Green have driven the programme from construction and build of the space, to the delivery and integration of the people, technology and services. You can find out more about our direct experience here.

Bristol Is Open: The joint venture company between Bristol City Council and the University of Bristol has provided large scale infrastructure for R&D, allowing testing of future technologies at a city-wide scale. The focus and drive behind Bristol is Open also attracts tech and creative companies to the region and supports their efforts in developing new ideas, technologies and relationships with the community, to create products that people of a place really want.

The most reliable endorsements come from clients…

Patsy Mellor, Head of Service, Bristol City Council

“Bristol City Council had launched the Bristol Smart Operations Centre project but changes in leadership meant the project wasn’t moving anywhere fast. 

Perform Green came in and provided the leadership, strategy and pace we needed.  We have just completed phase 1 – which was the build and implementation, Phase 1 of the project has finished on time under budget and exceeding all expectations. 

Our first multi-agency partner has moved in and our World Class Smart City Operations centre is moving into Phase 2 – I would recommend the team, Barney, Jim, David and Nikki to anyone wanting to make big differences – their expertise advice and leadership has ensured we have exceeded our own ambitious expectations.”

Read more client testimonials here. Find out more about our experience across the health care agenda and working with the NHS here, or around our learning and organisational development capabilities which underpins all of our work.

If you are starting on a smart city programme, are in the midst of maximising your cities digital potential and have hit a roadblock, or would like further support, please contact Lara Moloney, Head of Business Development on or call 07877 066900.

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