Online assessment is evolving, are you keeping up?

Since the inception of the G Cloud framework in 2012 public sector bodies have been moving towards cloud-based IT systems. Over the last six years, implementation of this new procurement strategy has enabled efficiencies in both time and service delivery.

The G Cloud ambition to supply off-the-shelf, pay as you go solutions has been hugely successful, with many local authorities moving to entirely cloud-based applications. Software as a Service (SaaS) in particular has changed the face of the public sector offering. Established in 2010 Tazio is an industry leader in the software revolution offering online assessment solutions to a wide range of recruitment professionals in both the corporate and public sectors.

Eduserv and Socitm, a not-for-profit technology company, published a report, (Local government cloud adoption) this year which found that 38% of councils have a policy regarding use of SaaS and cloud infrastructure and 43% have already implemented guidance for the use of SaaS.

While adoption of SaaS has already become widespread across a range of sectors in public services, most notably recruitment, this trend is set to continue for many reasons;
Users of public sector services are now more likely than ever to expect on-demand solutions which can function 24/7, 365 days of the year. This requirement traditionally put the burden on to public sector provision, but SaaS offers a sustainable solution. Accessible through most devices the client can use the service either via an app or web browser.

By using online recruitment software to screen and test potential candidates, recruiters ensure objectivity and reduces the risk of human bias. Additionally, candidates can access tests and submit their interviews at a convenient time, avoiding scheduling and logistical problems for the recruiter.

In July 2018 G-Cloud 10, the latest framework agreement went live, and Tazio’s online assessment platform was certified as a Crown Services Supplier.

Tazio’s platform allows you to create hybrid assessments combining aptitude, psychometric and situational judgement tests with video interviewing. Assessments include all the elements required to evaluate a candidate's skills, abilities and motivation quickly and objectively. Tazio works in conjunction with a leading psychometric test provider Saville Assessments to offer their top-rated aptitude tests and psychometric assessments.

Video questions allow you to assess soft skills, presentation, motivation and culture fit. In one single process, you can screen, filter and rank each candidate, identifying those that fit best, faster. These automated video interviews are the ideal way to evaluate candidates, without the need to schedule telephone calls or face-to-face interviews. By asking the same questions of each candidate in the same way, video questions can also reduce human bias and encourage greater diversity.

As a SaaS provider since 2010 Tazio has significant experience in delivering bespoke solutions for the public sector. Working with a wide range of Government bodies to create recruitment campaigns which reduce time to hire, improve the candidate experience and save money. With easy-to-use features, you and your team can quickly build assessments, invite candidates to interview, review and recruit, safe in the knowledge that your selections are based on objective evaluation and consistent benchmarking.

With Tazio’s new paperless assessment centre tool, Assess Smart, assessors can enter scores in real time on their tablet or laptop while observing candidates. You define the scoring for each exercise, structured with positive and negative indicators associated with each competency.

Overall scores can be automatically calculated including weightings or entered manually by assessors. Improve consistency and accuracy of scoring, while reducing the workload of your assessors.

Personalised candidate feedback reports are generated in seconds with content based on assessors scores and comments. Choose from a selection of report templates, all fully branded and personalised to match your corporate style and language.

With Assess Smart, candidates receive valuable feedback shortly after the end of your assessment centre, ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Assess Smart makes sense of your data, quickly helping you identify the best candidates based on your unique requirements with extensive data visualisation, analysis and reporting.

Assessors scores, comments and notes are stored securely. This wealth of data is used to reveal which candidates best match the competencies, behaviours and skill you've determined as necessary to perform well in the role.

Tazio allows you to objectively evaluate candidates against your competency framework, ensuring consistency and eliminating bias throughout your recruitment process. Tazio also integrates with your ATS so that candidates move seamlessly from initial application to onboarding.

Tazio can also be used for continuing professional development, identifying essential skills and reviewing areas for improvement. Regular online testing and monitoring can also improve employee engagement as well as driving improvement with consistent feedback.

If you would like to know more about Tazio’s online assessments, please email or call us.

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