Mangrove Data

Mangrove Data is a Data Management Consultancy based out of the West Midlands in the UK. We have experience in Data Architecture and Strategy, Data Warehousing, Master Data Management, Data Quality, Business Intelligence, Microsoft Azure Cloud services and Data Migration.

We offer a team of Microsoft Certified Solution Experts with extensive experience of all areas of data management ranging from high level architecture through to design, development and implementation. In recent projects we have been responsible for the end-to-end proof-of-concept, design, architecture and implementation of large scale Microsoft Azure IaaS BI platforms and the design of enterprise wide PowerBI implementations. Past projects have included a wide range of Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Data Migration and MDM projects. Mangrove Data is experienced in both the private and public sector and is currently the provider of Data Architecture services to the Department for Education.

Mangrove Data’s expertise covers a number of key technical areas:

Data Architecture: Mangrove Data has long history of Data Architecture, Solution Design and the wider Data Platform design and implementation lifecycle. Mangrove Data will work with you to understand how your data environment can be improved in terms of data structures, data models, governance, technologies and data management practices.

Data Warehousing: Mangrove Data has worked on a number of data warehouse projects within the public and private sector and is comfortable with multiple data warehousing methodologies (Kimball, Inmon and Data Vaulting) and will work with you to decide which approach suits your organisation best. Our past projects have ranged from larger scale enterprise-wide implementations through to smaller and more focused reporting solutions.

Master Data Management: Mangrove Data has extensive experience of Microsoft’s Master Data Services (MDS) tool as well as bespoke MDM tools. Mangrove Data will work with you to understand how your data environment can be improved to ensure that important business entities are managed correctly through the introduction of clear matching, survivorship, and enrichment processes and tools.

Data Quality Management: Mangrove Data will work with you to consider your end-to-end data lifecycle. We will ensure you develop a data governance framework and the tools to help you monitor and improve the quality of your data assets. Mangrove Data has previously developed its own open-source Data Quality tool, available on GitHub, using SSIS, T-SQL and MDS to support the creation of centralised data quality tools (DQE).

Database Administration: Our offering ranges from assistance in stand-alone technical activities through to the implementation of full managed services. In the case of a managed service Mangrove Data will replace the burden of managing this critical but highly technical and specialist area, with a proactively managed and progressive environment.

Data Migration: Mangrove Data will help you migrate data between applications or environments. We will ensure your data migration is planned and executed in a structured manner and results in data or data assets being moved securely and successfully.

In every project that Mangrove Data undertakes, we do so in a flexible and adaptable manner that that respects your unique experiences and reflects our passion for technology. We work hard to find the right balance between understanding what your organisation has learnt and knows and finding innovative ways to use technology to address problems both new and old.

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