Lockcode Limited

Who are we?

Lockcode Limited is a micro cyber security consultancy founded by Samantha Sanderson, a former Research Scientist for the UK Defence sector. Samantha is one of the few National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) certified professional Lead Security and Information Risk Advisors (SIRA),  with over 20 years’ experience as a practitioner and leader in government information and cyber security, and over 35 years’ experience in science, technology and engineering. The majority of our clients operate in heavily regulated sectors including justice, defence, law enforcement, regulatory and central government.

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Increasing time pressures on executives and leaders in our sector combined with the ongoing commuting challenges to our clients motivated us to create our recently-launched online training, coaching and consultancy platform. In August 2018 we achieved certification as a GCHQ Certified Training Provider and delivered our flagship GCHQ Certified Cyber Security Toolkit for Busy Executives, swiftly followed by our Introduction to Cyber Security Leadership and Governance, The Threat to UK Businesses, Risky Business: Managing your Information Risk and Prevent and Protect online courses.

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South East Cyber (SECyber) is our cyber security and cybercrime events and awareness networking group. Founded in 2014 as part of a UK-wide government initiative launched by the Prime Minister, SECyber is run by Katie Sanderson who won the Security Serious unsung heroes award for her work in cyber security and social media.

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What do we do?

We enable and empower busy executives to keep their businesses, careers and reputations safer in cyber space.

How do we help you?

Information Security Management
We enable you to establish and maintain appropriate and cost-effective governance solutions for your company’s information and cyber security requirements. This includes determining the appropriate policies, procedures, standards, roles and responsibilities, awareness strategies and relevant legal requirements for your organisation.

Information Risk Management
All organisations, regardless of size and sector, need to understand the threats and vulnerabilities relevant to their own working environment. We help you to assess, manage and articulate key risks to your devices, systems and valuable organisational assets.

Implementing Secure Systems, Methodologies and Testing
Identifying and implementing proportionate technical security controls to prevent, detect and recover from security incidents is not an optional extra for organisations and senior leadership. We ensure your technical security architectures reflect your business needs and assurance requirements whilst developing and applying standards and strategies for verifying that measures taken mitigate your identified risks.

Operational Security and Incident Management
Ensuring you have the capability to react to new threats and vulnerabilities is key to an effective operational security management regime. Your security policies, standards and procedures need to be usable, utilised and aligned with how your services are actually delivered. When your security policies, standards and procedures are breached we help you understand how security incidents should be handled managed and investigated, in accordance with your legal constraints, common principles and practices.

Join our community and avoid doing the following with your fingers crossed:

  • Investing in technical solutions to solve problems you can’t see, quantify or define - or don't really have...
  • Hiring an in-house expert but not knowing:
    - what to ask during the interview
    - what the answers to your own questions should be during the interview
  • Paying a specialist supplier to deliver a solution:
    - to a requirement you don’t understand
    - but not able to tell if it’s been successful
    - but not able to tell if it’s what you asked for
  • Discussing cyber security with peers and hoping you’re not demonstrating complete ignorance
    - and damaging your reputation with clients,
    - and losing customers and money with partners,
    - and losing your competitive edge and profits
  • Reporting cyber security progress to the board:
    - but not really understanding the figures from the board
    - but not able to tell if it’s succeeding or failing

Why choose us?

  • We have been enabling, empowering and advising busy executives up to ministerial and brigadier/general level since the 1990’s.
  • Our experience of securing devices, systems and people within heavily regulated and complex environments spans two decades.
  • Our focus is enabling and empowering busy executives rather than creating a dependency on us as a supplier.
  • Our products and services are designed for busy executives rather than all staff members.
  • We have been influencing, authoring and implementing cyber security visions, strategies and policies since the 1990’s.
  • Our ability to operate under pressure in high-profile, highly politically-charged environments whilst working to tight and constantly-changing deadlines and moving targets.
  • We have significant stakeholder engagement and management skills, communicating and advising senior level industry executives and Government officials up to Ministerial and Board level.

Our ultimate aim is to save you time, money and stress whilst keeping you safer in cyber space.

Event Diary

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