It’s not just Hotel Trivago that give you a choice

Despite the water market opening more than a year ago, there are still lots of businesses who are unaware they can now choose to move their custom away from what was previously their compulsory clean and waste water retailer. Even those who do know they have the option to switch are cautious of making the change. It may be the fear of starting a long and complicated switching process or the assumption that the perks of switching aren’t big enough to warrant the effort - but these scenarios don’t have to be the case and public sector businesses across the country are doing themselves a disservice by not checking out their options and reaping the subsequent benefits.

Understanding your options
On April 1st 2017, the clean and waste water market opened for competition. This meant retailers can compete for business outside of their original regions. Likewise, businesses can now shop around and find the best retailer to suit their needs. The aim of this market deregulation was to make retailers more competitive when it came to customer service and tariffs.

The deregulation has also enabled businesses like yours to streamline their water services. For example, retailers like Affinity for Business can now provide both clean and waste water, so businesses could have one single point of contact - rather than dealing with two seperate suppliers. We know time resources are starved in the public sector and any reduction in admin can only be a good thing.

Benefits of shopping around
The unification of your businesses clean and waste water into one single, consolidated bill not only saves you the hassle of having to deal with two different suppliers, but should also mean you benefit from some decent cost savings. As the admin cost is reduced for the retailer when both services are combined, they should be passing on these savings to your business through competitive tariffs.

Switching also comes with the benefit of moving to a company that really cares about your business. Water disruption happens and most of the time it’s out of our control, such as a burst pipe or a leak, but businesses can control the customer service they receive when those sorts of problems arise. Some retailers are notorious for bad customer service, but businesses can now choose whether to go with a retailer that responds to calls within seconds and understands your needs, or one that makes you wait in long queues just to get through to someone who doesn’t know your account. Customer service is one of the biggest differentiators amongst retailers, so make the most of the market deregulation and choose a retailer that puts you first.

We also know that within the public sector, risk is real and it is imperative that all risks are minimised. That’s why choosing credible retailers like Affinity for Business will help take the risk out of switching. They do all of the legwork when it comes to the actual switch, ensuring there is no discrepancies in supply during the process.

No one regrets getting better service and saving money
Affinity for Business customer, Luton Borough Council, have not regretted their decision to change retailers, telling us, “Affinity for Business are a pleasure to work with, thanks to their fantastic customer service. They are quick to respond to any queries and having our Account Manager as a single point of contact makes resolving any issues really easy. We highly recommend considering Affinity for Business if you are thinking about switching retailers.”

As a public sector organisation, you may be working with frameworks such as Laser and Crown Commercial Services to find the right provider for you, or you can make direct contact with the retailers out there like Affinity for Business to see what they can offer.

So don’t wait for bad service or a huge bill to push you into action. Businesses need to take control and check out their options.

You have the choice - choose well.

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