Glasswall eliminates malware attacks in business documents

Our patented technology validates files to their design standard, disarms embedded threats and regenerates in real-time, a clean file preserving usability and functionality. We protect clients in the business/commercial sectors, government and defence areas integrating into existing email and communications architectures as the ‘last line of defence’ and routinely stopping zero-day attacks that have evaded all other security layers.

Today’s advanced, targeted cyber-attacks use weaponized files in attachments as their attack vector of choice with a huge success rate. Most of these file-based threats involve hiding malware or malicious code within a common file-type, such as Word, Excel or PDF files.
Despite the high level of risk, conventional security controls such as firewalls, anti-virus and more advanced dynamic network sandboxes are ineffective in dealing with these types of threats as they only identify known threats or are unsuccessful in running the exploits in the files.

The security industry’s attempt to defend organisations by classifying known bad e.g. signature or heuristic technology, is failing, with regular reports of document attacks. The industry has turned its focus from prevention to post infection detection and breach mitigation.

Currently, the user is the weakest link in an organization’s defence-in-depth security posture; attacks with weaponized files places the onus on the user to make an instant decision on whether they should open each attachment.

Attackers have shifted their tactics with great success, using people to perform the work of automated exploits convincing users to disable or ignore security, click links and open files. Along with little or no policy and security controls as to who can receive what attachments in misapprehension that everyone needs everything to ensure business continuity, users unwittingly allow the installation malware or the execution of malicious scripts from the files they open, Glasswall eliminates that problem and puts the company or administrator in control.

Our standards based approach is to only allow the ‘known good’ within document and file structures. By analysing, enabling policy or standards to be applied and regenerating files in real-time, Glasswall gives protection against even the most persistent and complex file based threats. Our solutions stops individuals in an organisation that receive and open email attachments from becoming a point of weakness in the enterprise security.

The technology is pioneering, innovative and disruptive to attackers. It changes what we know, how we think and how perceive security technology to work. Glasswall helps organisations take control of their files and apply their own standards to every file that comes in and out of the organisation.

Business benefits

  • Confidently maintain standards for electronic file and document integrity, security and assurance
  • Ensure that only known good comes in and out of an organisation
  • Demonstrate file and document standards to all employees, partners and clients
  • Manage cyber risk across departments to maintain business continuity
  • Transform threat intelligence and visibility to risk
  • Arm decision makers with real-time information
  • Make actionable intelligence a reality

To speak to one of our team about how and where Glasswall would fit into your security architecture or to request a trial contact us.

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