FuseMetrix Joins G-Cloud 10 Digital Marketplace

FuseMetrix is designed to replace the need to run separate software packages for different functions within an organisation: it is an all-encompassing real-time technology platform that automatically links records across departments. In 2018, FuseMetrix Group joined the G-Cloud 10 Digital Marketplace.

In its entirety, as an ERP, FuseMetrix increases control over an organisation, bringing together all key aspects of the organisation (except payroll) in a centralised system where all data is kept. Team members only access what they need to carry out their roles. To date, FuseMetrix has never failed to deliver service performance improvements, alongside substantial savings through efficiency gains.

However, some of its modules can stand alone if an organisation is unable to migrate to a single platform. Some of the functionality that often appeals to government departments and local authorities is highlighted below.

Claims management
FuseMetrix provides specialist intelligent claims management and loss funding systems for processing extensive or complex insurance claims. Local authorities and blue-chip retailers use it to manage insurance loss funding, claims handling, and property and asset management. In general they have experienced:

  • Substantially reduced cost of losses
  • Faster insurance settlements
  • More accurate decision-making thanks to real-time information reporting
  • Improved organisational control.

For example, FuseMetrix’s claims management system provides a new level of information transparency from initial reserve to final settlement. Admin burdens plummet, as all claims-related correspondence is automatically captured, and there’s a full audit trail of cost and reserve updates. It also contains property and asset management modules.
FuseMetrix’s CRM module contains built-in tools to support GDPR compliance. It features:

  • Centralised contact management
  • Detailed reporting
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Opportunity management
  • Enterprise diaries, task and activity management
  • Email marketing and tracking.

It improves internal and external relations, increases opportunity closure, and delivers greater operational control.

FuseMetrix’s HR module increases your control of staffing data and has built-in tools to support GDPR compliance. It delivers operational improvements, including:

  • productivity and efficiency throughout the HR function
  • cost control
  • procedure effectiveness
  • internal communication
  • information availability for staff (through a self-help portal).

Enabling real-time central management of all staff information, training requirements and documents with a new degree of transparency can have a ripple effect throughout a workforce’s behaviour and morale. For example, staff become aware that attendance and maintaining accreditations is tracked. It also makes booking and approving or managing annual leave quicker and easier.

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