Transforming the way Local Authorities access, consume & analyse data with Azimap web GIS.

At Azimap our mission is to enable governmental organisations to become more effective and open, providing departments at all levels with the tools to collect, visualise and analyse their location-based data.  Azimap’s user friendly application is opening GIS to all staff within Local Authorities and Government Departments.

Recognising the value of location data and its underuse throughout all levels of government, Azimap has simplified the process of visualising and analysing complex datasets.  This information can help to identify the needs of local communities, support policy making, improve efficiency and enhance citizen engagement.

Core capabilities of Azimap include:

Providing Access to GIS Throughout an Organisation

Accessible anywhere, anytime, Azimap’s web interface is open to all levels of staff.  Its user-friendly and simplified tools enable non-GIS professionals to create maps, access data and share information.  Opening GIS to all staff allows governmental organisations to reduce workloads and free up valuable resources to focus on service delivery.

Improved Organisational Collaboration

Helping to bring teams closer together, Azimap is transforming the way staff collaborate on important projects.  Azimap’s map publishing tools enable fast, easy and secure data sharing inside and outside of the organisation.  With data and maps that are easily shared and edited, organisations will benefit from teams who are all working off the same information resulting in a reduction of unnecessary data duplication.

Powerful Data Analysis

Featuring the most powerful analysis tools available in a web GIS, Azimap has brought desktop GIS functionality to the web.  Reducing once complex desktop analysis processes, Azimap ensures all users can build advanced spatial queries in seconds with no coding experience required by utilising our analysis wizards.  Providing greater control over your data, Azimap’s powerful analysis tools is helping organisations to deliver new business insights.

Easy Integration

Azimap can be seamlessly integrated into any organisation’s existing IT infrastructure.  Working with all major spatial data types, Azimap can store all data in one central location enabling organisations to retain control over how it is used and accessed. 

All-inclusive Pricing

All Azimap’s features and tools are included as standard with unlimited usage at no-extra cost and no need to purchase additional credits.

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