ActiveOps is a leading provider of digital operations management solutions to financial services, shared services, BPOs, government, healthcare and other service industries.

Our cloud-based solutions are proven to optimise operations, reduce costs, improve service delivery, staff engagement and well-being. Customers can confidently prepare for and then run their service operations taking full advantage of the benefits of transformation programmes including RPA, automation, digitisation and outsourcing.

Workware™ has been designed specifically for back office operations enabling the monitoring and optimisation of individual and robotic, teams and departmental resources from a single cloud-based solution.

All operations data is aggregated, analysed and presented in real-time via meaningful dashboards and reports designed for team leaders, forecasters and operations management staff. Using Workware, managers can quantify work and time, optimise capacity, identify processes to be automated and improved and make immediate changes to their operations if the unexpected happens.

Planning and forecasting are simplified and improved using actual historic data on both resources and process performance. With easy connections to existing systems including, BPM, RPA, workflow, ECM and manual processes, Workware can be operational in weeks requiring the lightest IT department involvement.

The Active Operations Management (AOM™) Method embeds a consistent and sustainable framework of operations best practices. Team leaders are able to load-balance between teams, ensuring peaks in demand are met by using consistent meeting structures and language, supported by accurate performance data provided via Workware.

Staff engagement is improved through the transparency of real-time and historic process, performance and skills data available to team members and managers for reviews, planning and the identification of best practice. The introduction of automation, including RPA as an integral and inclusive resource within an organisation highlights the opportunities for individual skills training and skills enhancement removing the anxiety associated with a siloed robotic workforce.

ActiveOps operates across the globe from offices in the USA, UK, Ireland, India, South Africa and Australia.

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